Photo of John I am a fledgling dog trainer. We rescued Wyatt at the age of 1 about 3 years ago. We adopted Patriot after that to help with Wyatt’s separation anxiety (now cured). I am the technology teacher at a local elementary school having previously worked as a software engineer and an 3rd grade elementary school teacher. My wife and I live in a small rural town in Western Massachusetts. Our back yard is about 6000 acres of woods. I enjoy running in the woods with the dogs, dog training, messing around with computers and playing bluegrass music. I have a small educational technology consulting business on the side specializing in web based educational databases, and distance learning course development.

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  1. Renee Fall says:

    Hello John
    I saw the Gazette article about your work with LEGO NXT in schools. I work with a program at UMass in computer science that uses LEGO NXT and would like to invite you to an upcoming event. Please send me an email at the above address.
    -Renee Fall, CAITE, UMass Amherst

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