Impressions of Europe

I am in Denmark and really enjoying my stay here so far.  Some things I have noticed here.

There are wide sidewalks here on both sides of roads with bike lanes and walking lanes.  You see people biking everywhere, full bike racks, and lots of families walking together.

People bring fresh bread to work and even the hotel food is lots of fresh bread, cheese, fruit, and yoghurt.  So different from American hotel food with fatty meats and commercial and packaged food.  There are high quality coffee machines everywhere but I had to learn the difference between kaffee and cafe americano and how to work them.  Also, decaf is made here by using hot water and instant decaf but the instant actually tastes good.

The design aesthetic is very attractive insides with lots of sleek, low furniture and appliances and cool fixtures.  The buildings here are low and fit into the environment yet are also add something.  I think a lot of American buildings are either just random and don’t work together or are made to stand out rather than fit it.

There is no AC or even fans in the hotel rooms.  Not sure if it is unseasonably warm.

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