Heartbreaker Chances (Again!)

Had a fairly easy Elite Chances course today.  I knew we could do it but did not get nervous because of that.  There was an A-Frame (left)  and tunnel (right) side by side to start after Hoop 1.  Wyatt tends to tunnel suck.  This was all before the distance tape so I could handle any way I wanted to.  So I decided to handle on the right, Wyatt on left and push him out to the A-Frame.  I was aware that in moving away from the tunnel when I got to it to go around it, there was a danger of pulling Wyatt to the tunnel with me.  Sure enough, that’s what happened.  So I went back to the hoop and tried it on the other side (I was still off course).  Sure enough, we went right up the A-frame and did the rest of the course flawlessly.  Well, the good news is the “rest of the course flawlessly part.”  I have tried to let go of goals though.  Things are unfolding like the should.  We are getting better and better.  The Qs should follow.

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