Dog Update

I am working with Wyatt outside in agility.  We seem to be doing very well with our distance work but still having trouble bringing that to trials.  I think that piece is also coming.  That extra, little bit of nervousness really has a big impact on putting it all together smoothly.  I feel so comfortable now in regular, tunnelers, jumpers, TNG that it seems easy.  But Chances still feels difficult and not so easy even though it would be if I was just a bit more relaxed.  A little bit of a Catch-22.

No obedience or rally planned for now.  I may check for some summer trials during the week.  Not a big priority though.  Patriot stills need long sit work and long dumbbell throw work.  I did do the latter outside and he did great. Need to do more of that.

Not missing the AWC National though I do miss seeing the dogs and the supportive and nice people in the breed who love their dogs and love to do things with their dogs.

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