PK Art

I have been following the progression of Aidan’s artwork with interest.  There seem to be distinct phases, presumably related to fine motor abilities, as well as other art/brain specific development.  He seems to have made a big jump this week with this drawing of a cat.

Cat drawing by Aidan

Cat drawing by 5 year old Aidan

Here is another drawing on the same day.  This is a self portrait.  This seems to be typical of PK-K kid’s drawing of people – a head and a stick figure body. Not sure how the lamps got in, that’s new.


Self Portrait with Lamps

Self Portrait with Lamps

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2 Responses to PK Art

  1. Esther Heffernan says:

    Lamps: He’s in the spotlight. Love his cat.

    Does he have his own wheelbarrow? Memorial Day Parade at 1 I am going to walk Shilld as the riderless horse like in Arlington.

  2. John Heffernan says:

    Thanks for commenting, Mom. See you soon.

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