Lessons From Owl

On Monday morning, on a very nice misty run with the dogs through our beautiful Conway woods, we flushed out a small barred owl.  I had been thinking about a situation I am in doing some volunteer work, where I have not been happy with the ways things are being handled.  Not a huge deal but one that I have been expending a lot  of emotional and mental energy on.

I stopped the dogs and I watched the owl for about a minute.  The owl was quite close, perhaps 20 feet away.  Owls are great observers and see deeply into things.  We watched each other for a while.  I saw the owl looking clearly at me and then the dogs and looking ahead, seemingly decided whether to fly away or not.  After that minute, the owl flew quietly away into the woods.  Made me think if it was time I stepped away from the situation I was thinking about, if I had seen enough, and if it is time to quietly fly away.

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