Wyatt Distance Discrimination Puzzle

I set up a course at home that mimicked the part of last Sunday’s Chances course we did not get.  It is a very common part of many NADAC Chances courses.  Here’s the part we missed.

I set up something very similar at home except with an A-Frame.  Wyatt took the dogwalk but did the rest of the course brilliantly.  I thought I did not back up enough to get enough of a push out to the tunnel.  I did repeat the “Out, tunnel” command several times, which was one of my goals.

Anyway, on the first day at home, I just could not get him to take the tunnel unless I was very close.  I was surprised because I thought we were much further along.  So I planned to work on it and gradually improve the distance.  Well, on the second day, after and initial failure, Wyatt was doing the tunnel (and the A-Frame if I signaled that) with ease.  Well, I was happy but still mystified on why it was so difficult the day before.  Was my timing off?   Did we just need some practice?  Is the A-Frame in the yard a big draw because of all the treats that have been received there?

In any case, I did get clear on what kind of signal I need to give.  It has to be a strong push against his line 1/3 of the way to the A-Frame with arm extended (but not pumped) with multiple voice commands.  I am finding with agility now that so little is about training the dog what to do.  It is about 99% finding the right signal and timing to give to your dog!

We are going to stop in tomorrow at a NADAC trial and just do  Chances and Regular courses.


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  1. Kim says:

    Interesting…I have the exact opposite problem with a discrimination…”out” is her first choice, “in” requires tons of extra work on my part to get…and often I don’t. Nicely put and I agree with you…often our training isn’t so much about “training” as it is about practicing my timing and my connection with my dog. Good luck on your runs tomorrow.

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