Birds Hitting Windows

I heard two big crashes yesterday and knew some birds had hit our windows.  While it is usually song birds, this time it was two medium sized woodpeckers.  One was resting on the side of the house, perched there.  The other was on the ground.  I initially thought one was dead but my wife checked and found him breathing.  They both looked like males.  I figured they were in some kind of territory fight and lost track of things and hit the window.  I see this frequently with squirrels too.  Many get hit by cars when the careen into the road, fighting.  Luckily, the both woodpeckers eventually flew off and I could here them pecking loudly later.  But it brought home to me how much we can lose perspective in the midst of a battle and do things that are not very wise. How difficult it can be to keep perspective in these times.



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