Don’t Put Away Childish Things

I heard a quote on the radio yesterday in a song about maturing that references the quote (from the Bible) about “putting away childish things.”  While that may be referring to something different, I was thinking that I never want to put away childish things such as juggling, playing music, and being around children.  As Aidan and I were walking home yesterday afternoon from a walk in the beautiful and snowy woods, he stops and laid down in snow.  I remembered when I used to do that.  So while my initial thought was to encourage him to get up and get home, I decided to just wait and watch.  And he started to talk about what he saw in the trees and clouds.  So I laid down too.  What a comforting feeling to lay in the snow – so quiet and protected.  We moved on eventually and I also tried eating some snow after I saw him do that.  I remember eating lots of snow as a kid!  So I hope I never put away your childlike wonder and fun loving spirit!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Hi John,
    Good for you to take the time to enjoy Aidan and not rush him along. Children can tell us a lot if we take the time to listen, and the time to enjoy the little things.

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