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Mixing Blocks

I tend to be on the neat (read OCD) side and I will, many times, ask my son to clean up one set of toys before starting a new one.  I have seen, in the past, that he will often … Continue reading

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PK Art

I have been following the progression of Aidan’s artwork with interest.  There seem to be distinct phases, presumably related to fine motor abilities, as well as other art/brain specific development.  He seems to have made a big jump this week … Continue reading

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Lessons From Owl

On Monday morning, on a very nice misty run with the dogs through our beautiful Conway woods, we flushed out a small barred owl.  I had been thinking about a situation I am in doing some volunteer work, where I … Continue reading

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Wyatt Distance Discrimination Puzzle

I set up a course at home that mimicked the part of last Sunday’s Chances course we did not get.  It is a very common part of many NADAC Chances courses.  Here’s the part we missed. I set up something … Continue reading

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Patriot’s Health Issues

It was not a good feeling dropping off Patriot for a procedure Tuesday.  Wyatt and Patriot are the first dogs I have ever owned and I am starting to see them age (as well as myself!) Worst case thoughts crossed … Continue reading

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Distance Issues and Solutions

In reflecting on problems with NADAC Chances (distance game) at home and at trials, I came up with the following mantra to remember before I run. 1)  Keep moving!  Don’t stop suddenly. 2)  Communicate.  Keep a stream of commands going. … Continue reading

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Birds Hitting Windows

I heard two big crashes yesterday and knew some birds had hit our windows.  While it is usually song birds, this time it was two medium sized woodpeckers.  One was resting on the side of the house, perched there.  The … Continue reading

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