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Left, Right, Straight

I was amazed that Aidan asks for a map today on the way to preschool and showed a complete knowledge of left and right.  He was even telling me the direction of the next turn miles away.  They seem to … Continue reading

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Wyatt and Jumpers

  I am retiring Wyatt from Jumpers.  This was once his best class.  However, he is consistently avoiding jumps.  I have to think that too much jumping, even at 12 inches, is causing some pain for him.  He seems fine … Continue reading

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Agility Rustiness

I felt really rusty with Wyatt most of the weekend but not with Patriot, who had one his best weekends every going 7 for 9 with 6 firsts.  He looked great and you would never guess he is almost ten.  … Continue reading

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Obedience Work

I have been working with Wyatt on his sits in a different way.  For a long time, I did not worry about fidgeting and just focused on not going down.  But now, I am working on the fidgeting, especially the … Continue reading

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