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3 Things I Learned From My Dad (and I Am Still Learning)

3 Things I Learned (and I Am Still Learning) From My Dad John Edward Heffernan, III (February 10, 1934 – January 20, 2019) The first thing I learned from my Dad is to do things you are interested in.  I learned many … Continue reading

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Denmark Travel For Kids

We are traveling to Denmark this summer and I have been compiling  list of possible places to visit especially for families.  Thanks for Jane for some of these links! Denmark’s best beaches | Find your perfect beach in Denmark Experimentarium … Continue reading

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Patriot – June 7, 2001 to August 14, 2016

Whippet AWC Triathlon Winner HIT C-ATCH Ch Seaspell’s Concord Point, CAVX, CD, SC, OA, OAJ, RE, CRX, OTR, OCC, S-OJC, EJS, O-OAC, TG-O, S-TN-O, WV-O, HP-N, OJC-200, TNO-200, CGC “Patriot”   June 7, 2001 – August 14, 2016   Our beloved … Continue reading

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Beach Story by Aidan

When did I start coming to Point of Woods? I have been coming to Point of Woods all my life starting in 2006 when I was a baby. What I like to do at Point of Woods? The beach is … Continue reading

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Kids’ Eye View of the Beach

I recently purchased a GoPro camera for our family.  The waterproof GoPro is great for capturing skiing, biking, and water sport adventures.  I taught my son how to use it and he eagerly “videotaped” him and his friends’ daily life … Continue reading

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Baseball Stats – Conway Minors

I got interested in understanding some baseball hitting stats and figured out the major ones for our leading hitters on on Conway Minors baseball team.  If only the Red Sox were putting up these numbers! One thing that I learned … Continue reading

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Moon Shine

Aidan said to me last week, “Dad, is the moon made of rocks?” I said, “Yes, the moon is made of rocks.” He said, “Then how can the moon shine?” So I explained how the moon reflects the light of … Continue reading

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Tech and Robots Have Moved!

I have moved all my tech and robotics blog entries to their own website at Kids Engineer!

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Mixing Blocks

I tend to be on the neat (read OCD) side and I will, many times, ask my son to clean up one set of toys before starting a new one.  I have seen, in the past, that he will often … Continue reading

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PK Art

I have been following the progression of Aidan’s artwork with interest.  There seem to be distinct phases, presumably related to fine motor abilities, as well as other art/brain specific development.  He seems to have made a big jump this week … Continue reading

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